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17 August 2020 @ 12:59 pm


はじめまして! My real name is Carmina, but almost everyone calls me by my nickname Mina, hence my username minacchi. I'm 28, and I'm from the Philippines.

I opened this LiveJournal account back in 2008 without a real vision of what kind of blog it should or would be for. Gradually, though, it became a little space dedicated to my ramblings about personal life, fangirling rants, and everyday adventures. Now, nine years after, even though my entries have been more sporadic, I'm fervently hoping to keep this little personal space alive for as long as I can, to see what kind of space it could further be for.

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Right now, this journal is entirely public, so there would technically be no point in adding me up as an LJ friend if you'd only like to read my entries. But still, please feel free to add me if we have the same fandoms, the same interests, the same crazy fangirling habits, or, simply, if you would just like to be friends. Please be warned, though, that I tend to write long-winded entries concerning just about anything and everything! If you don't really mind, go ahead and add me up. <3
But before I add you back, please introduce yourself first by commenting on this entry.
Last January 17, I finally saw Kanjani8 live.

When the Genki ga Deru Live!! concert tour dates were announced and I saw that the very last day of the tour--the special オーラス--fell on, of all days, the 17th of January, I took it as a sign from the heavens...

...because January 17 is my birthday.

Needless to say, I was determined to spend my birthday in Japan, experience some snow while I'm at it (I live in a country that wouldn't see a single snowflake, so please pardon the enthusiasm), and, after eight years of being an Eighter (what a beautiful number this is!) finally watch a Kanjani8 live concert for the very first time.

And yes, thankfully, I fulfilled all those and celebrated my 26th year in Japan, in temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 10C, and experienced snow in Kyoto--where it rarely snows! And though I would have loved to watch maybe two concert performances to satisfy this fangirl heart, circumstances allowed me to attend just that one performance on the 17th, that last concert day. For now, though, I felt that this was enough for me.

And yes, finally, I saw my favorite dorks in all their dorky glory. Eighters would know, however, that the concert on the 17th was, if I may say so, historical and something to be remembered, not only because it's the tour All Last, but because it's (most probably) the first time that Okura Tadayoshi wasn't present in any Kanjani8 live concert.

And, yeah, uhm, Okura Tadayoshi is just, well, my ichiban. (insert a hundred exclamation points here)

It broke my heart (it was my birthday, so I might've been extra-emotional because of this). It broke my heart to see just six members on stage, to always see that one spot on stage they always left open because it was a particular member's spot. It broke my heart that of all days, Tacchon just had to fall sick on my birthday, on that last day of the concert, on that only one day I can watch them. Heck, it broke my heart that he got sick! (Up to now I'm having my doubts on how sick he actually was--they say it was ileus, and really, ileus just isn't as simple as that! I'm really praying that Tatsu has fully recovered now and this is all just because of his chronic overeating XDD)

I believe I would need a separate entry just to express my thoughts about this, and I'm not sure I can stop writing if I don't do it at this point, so I'll just wrap it up for now. I'll be sure to write about it one of these days instead (hopefully).

Well, as everyone would know, Genki ga Deru Song was the last song in the setlist. I was very fortunate to "experience" this song that particular concert day. Because Tacchon was absent, we, the audience, sang his part for him. Aside from how Baru cried before performing Samurai Song, this was one of the most emotional moments in the concert for me. To be honest, this song didn't appeal to me much before, but my opinion changed after "experiencing" it. Indeed, after everything, it was a song that lifted my spirits. It didn't fully erase my disappointment that day, but yes, when Eito performed it on that day, it cheered me up. And gave me hope, that one day (hopefully, one day soon), I'll be able to watch Kanjani8 again live, with all seven members present.

My dearest Eito, your Genki ga Deru "love letter", this particular fangirl has indeed received.

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, English Translation, Color-Coding by: minacchi

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After a long while (one year and a few days, actually), I'm back here again with another translation!

I've actually read--though I've not yet finished--the Goji Kara Kuji Made manga by Aihara Miki, so I was quite excited when I learned that it's going to be aired as a Getsu-9 dorama... and with Yamapi as the lead actor!

Okay, truthfully, I'm not a fan of Pi's dead fish eyes acting, but I just couldn't help but be interested (Pi in smutty romance scenes from a josei manga?? *o* So far has not yet happened though... well, not expecting anymore XD). As of now, I've watched up to six episodes, and while I can say that I'm quite satisfied with Ishihara Satomi's acting, I'm still disappointed with the supposedly-intended dead fish eyes portrayal, since the original manga Hoshikawa-san isn't really dead fish-eyed... But still, the dorama already had me hooked, and I'm willing to hope that there'll be an appearance of some spark of life in the lead actor's eyes somewhere in the remaining few episodes.

Anyway, the OST theme song is lovely. This is the first time I've heard of a song from the band back number, but I instantly fell in love with the lyrics, the melody, and the soothing vocals! It's still a month before Christmas, but here's a Christmas love song that has already touched my heart! <3

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, and English Translation by: minacchi

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08 November 2014 @ 03:38 pm
Kanjanism is here! EJ☆Coaster's melody is so catchy! And I'm not sure why, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the PV! (Or maybe it's just because happy!Dancing!Eito is <3!) Plus, this song really reminds me of It's My Soul and Rolling Coaster, both of which I love! (Well, I'm still biased, though; It's My Soul is one of my first Eito songs and it brings so much nostalgia for me, so it's still staying up there, irreplaceable in my song ranking) Now, without further ado, let's enjoy (and join the jet coaster)!

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, English Translation, Color-Coding by: minacchi

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I absolutely adore Aoharaido. <3 I've been following the manga series since it started (Sakisaka Io is one of my favorite shoujo mangakas), so I couldn't be happier that it now has an anime adaptation. What's even more exciting is that soon, there would even be a live-action movie! *dances around* I adore KouTaba--these two have already had me laughing/tearing up/giggling like a high school girl/reminiscing about my own youth (not that I'm old now, btw, haha) while reading the manga, so I'm really excited about the anime and the movie as well.

Plus, the opening song is pretty. <3 I really loved the melody and loved the lyrics even more. Missed chances, realizing love after it happens, all the works--well, you could say that a lot of people (including me) could actually relate. So here are the lyrics and the English translation for Sekai wa Koi ni Ochiteiru!

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, and English Translation by: minacchi

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