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[Lyrics + Translation] Kanjani8: Genki ga Deru Song

Last January 17, I finally saw Kanjani8 live.

When the Genki ga Deru Live!! concert tour dates were announced and I saw that the very last day of the tour--the special オーラス--fell on, of all days, the 17th of January, I took it as a sign from the heavens...

...because January 17 is my birthday.

Needless to say, I was determined to spend my birthday in Japan, experience some snow while I'm at it (I live in a country that wouldn't see a single snowflake, so please pardon the enthusiasm), and, after eight years of being an Eighter (what a beautiful number this is!) finally watch a Kanjani8 live concert for the very first time.

And yes, thankfully, I fulfilled all those and celebrated my 26th year in Japan, in temperatures ranging from sub-zero to 10C, and experienced snow in Kyoto--where it rarely snows! And though I would have loved to watch maybe two concert performances to satisfy this fangirl heart, circumstances allowed me to attend just that one performance on the 17th, that last concert day. For now, though, I felt that this was enough for me.

And yes, finally, I saw my favorite dorks in all their dorky glory. Eighters would know, however, that the concert on the 17th was, if I may say so, historical and something to be remembered, not only because it's the tour All Last, but because it's (most probably) the first time that Okura Tadayoshi wasn't present in any Kanjani8 live concert.

And, yeah, uhm, Okura Tadayoshi is just, well, my ichiban. (insert a hundred exclamation points here)

It broke my heart (it was my birthday, so I might've been extra-emotional because of this). It broke my heart to see just six members on stage, to always see that one spot on stage they always left open because it was a particular member's spot. It broke my heart that of all days, Tacchon just had to fall sick on my birthday, on that last day of the concert, on that only one day I can watch them. Heck, it broke my heart that he got sick! (Up to now I'm having my doubts on how sick he actually was--they say it was ileus, and really, ileus just isn't as simple as that! I'm really praying that Tatsu has fully recovered now and this is all just because of his chronic overeating XDD)

I believe I would need a separate entry just to express my thoughts about this, and I'm not sure I can stop writing if I don't do it at this point, so I'll just wrap it up for now. I'll be sure to write about it one of these days instead (hopefully).

Well, as everyone would know, Genki ga Deru Song was the last song in the setlist. I was very fortunate to "experience" this song that particular concert day. Because Tacchon was absent, we, the audience, sang his part for him. Aside from how Baru cried before performing Samurai Song, this was one of the most emotional moments in the concert for me. To be honest, this song didn't appeal to me much before, but my opinion changed after "experiencing" it. Indeed, after everything, it was a song that lifted my spirits. It didn't fully erase my disappointment that day, but yes, when Eito performed it on that day, it cheered me up. And gave me hope, that one day (hopefully, one day soon), I'll be able to watch Kanjani8 again live, with all seven members present.

My dearest Eito, your Genki ga Deru "love letter", this particular fangirl has indeed received.

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, English Translation, Color-Coding by: minacchi

Please read these first!

> If you would like to use these kanji lyrics, romaji lyrics, or my English translation anywhere, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT FIRST, PLEASE CREDIT minacchi, AND PLEASE LINK BACK TO THIS PAGE. It makes me sad to see people posting my work on their own page and claiming them as theirs--believe me, I know which ones are mine. I am therefore sincerely asking you, dear visitor, to follow my requests above.

> I am not fluent in Japanese. I am not an expert or a professional. I'm still in the process of studying the language, so I translate songs with only my current capabilities, which means that there are times that I make grammar mistakes and such, too. I also translate songs according to how I understood the lines, so I couldn't assure you a perfect, accurate interpretation. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT if you have a question or a correction to make. I'd really appreciate your inputs, especially if there are any corrections, since those would be most helpful so I can learn as well. Thank you!

元気が出るSONG (Genki ga Deru Song)
A Song to Cheer You Up
関ジャニ∞ (KANJANI8)
From 関ジャニ∞の元気が出るCD!! (Kanjani8 no Genki ga Deru CD!!) Album

手と手繋いで一歩踏み出した 歩幅合わせまた一つ乗り越えた
te to te tsunai de ippo fumidashita, hohaba awase mata hitotsu norikoeta
With our hands joined together, we took one step forward; synchronizing our paces, we surmounted yet another one.

絆深まった 敬った
kizuna fukamatta, uyamatta
Our bond deepened, showed awe and respect.

だが新たな壁ぶち当たった きっとふりだしだ 焦りの雨降り出した
daga arata na kabe buchi atatta, kitto furidashi da, aseri no ame furidashita
But we hit a new wall; for sure, that's only the beginning. The rain of impatience began to fall.

凹むがとはいえ繰り出しだ 笑いながら駆け出した
hekomu ga tohaie kuridashi da, warai nagara kakedashita
Throwing out that feeling of being down, though, we started to run, smiling.

同じ街で見た同じ夢 笑いあった帰り道
onaji machi de mita onaji yume, waraiatta kaerimichi
The same dream that we saw in that same town, on the road home where we laughed.

今も何も変わらない気持ち 7つ根っこで引っ張りあって
ima mo nani mo kawaranai kimochi nanatsu nekko de hippariatte
The feelings that haven't changed even now are being pulled tightly together by seven roots.

korekara saki juunen go datte kitto kawarazu konna kanji de
From now on until even ten years after, just like this, for sure nothing will change.

itsudemo warattari naitari de ikou
Let's always go on, no matter if we're laughing or crying.

hitotsu zutsu atsumeta omoi toki ni iro KATACHI chigae do
One by one, the feelings that we've gathered might sometimes become different in color or form,

egaku mirai wa itsumo onaji
but the future we paint is always going to be the same.

waratteru kimi no tonari ni boku wa itakute
I want to stay next to you who's smiling.

tanoshisou na sono yokogao zutto mite itakute
I want to always look at that profile of yours that looks to be having fun.

yawaraka na kuuki ga hakobu kono jikan ga
This moment that is carried by the gentle atmosphere,

永遠に続けなんて願わないから せめてあと少しもう少しだけ
eien ni tsuzuke nante negawanai kara, semete ato sukoshi mou sukoshi dake
I won't wish for it to continue on for eternity; at least just for a little, just a little bit more.

共に歩んで来た日々思えば 色んな思いが交差した
tomo ni ayundekita hibi omoeba, ironna omoi ga kousa shita
When I think about the days that we spent together, a lot of feelings intersected.

楽しい時過ごす人はいた 辛い時君がいてくれた
tanoshii toki sugosu hito wa ita, tsurai toki kimi ga ite kureta
There were people I spent fun times with; through difficult times, you were there for me.

何だって出来る 何にだってなれる ∞の力はここにあるんだ
nan datte dekiru, nan ni datte nareru, mugen no chikara wa koko ni arunda
I can do anything; I can become anyone; the power of infinity exists here.

omoide no kakera wo atsumete yoru wo akasou
Let's spend the night gathering the fragments of our memories.

くだらないことでもいいよ ボクらにだけ解ればいい
kudaranai koto de mo ii yo, BOKURA ni dake wakareba ii
Even the trivial things are fine; it’s alright if only we could understand it.

itsumo soba ni ite kureru kimi ga atatakakute
The you who always stays by my side feels warm.

当たり前が嬉しくて 笑いあってる時間が愛おしくて
atarimae ga ureshikute, warai atteru jikan ga itooshikute
This ordinariness of it feels pleasant; the moments when we are smiling together are precious.

たとえば君のあしたが見えなくても 支えるから
tatoeba kimi no ashita ga mienakute mo, sasaeru kara
Even if you can't see what your tomorrow will be, I'll support you.

ずっと一緒 ずっと一緒
zutto issho, zutto issho
Always together, always together

ずっと一緒 ずっと一緒
zutto issho, zutto issho
Always together, always together

ずっと一緒 ずっと一緒
zutto issho, zutto issho
Always together, always together


waratteru kimi no tonari ni boku wa itakute
I want to stay next to you who's smiling.

tanoshisou na sono yokogao zutto mite itakute
I want to always look at that profile of yours that looks to be having fun.

yawaraka na kuuki ga hakobu kono jikan ga
This moment that is carried by the gentle atmosphere

mata boku wo tsuyoku yasashiku tsutsumikomu yo
is again strongly but gently embracing me.

waratteru boku no tonari ni wa itsumo kimi ga ita
Next to me who's smiling, you were always there.

ureshisou na boku wo mite kimi wa mata waratta
Watching me who looks happy, you smiled again.

futashika na hibi ni hison da tashika na ima wo
Within the uncertain days lies a "now" that is definite.

asu mo asatte mo zutto tsunai de ikou
Tomorrow, even the day after tomorrow, let's always stay together.

itsuka eien to yoberu made
Someday, until what they call “eternity".

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