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29 December 2011 @ 09:32 am
きばってこーぜ! イェイ イェイ イェイ!
Let's go with spirit! Yay Yay Yay!

No matter what, I just had to make time for this entry to follow tradition!
Exactly three years in LJ now~ (Suddenly missing the LJ life three years ago. :|) So here, f-list (and visitors), have some yummy!Tacchon as a celebration treat. 8D And belated merii kuri and advanced ake ome! <3

(Note: This blog is child-friendly. hoho.)
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Wow, after almost seven months of nothing from me, I'm here again! I'm not sure if I would be as active as I was before though, what with work (and that strong need to just sleep afterwards) taking up most of my time. But because I got several days off-duty (I'm on mandatory vacation leave for nine days, yayyy), I was able to read a bunch of new manga, and one of them is the prettyyy Chihayafuru (do read it, it's good!).

What's more, I just found out that it has been recently turned into an anime series as well (which is just as pretty!), so, currently, I've finished watching the tenth episode, and I'm still hooked! Too bad I don't think there are any karuta clubs--or players--here in the Philippines, or I would have quickly joined!

The opening song, Youthful by 99RadioService, especially caught my attention. I love energetic, inspiring songs like this! And the lyrics were so meaningful, I felt the need to translate the whole song and share it to everyone. I believe Youthful was especially written by 99RadioService for this equally-meaningful anime, and they indeed succeeded in depicting the anime through this song.

And who would have thought that a simple game of karuta could have such deeper meanings related to life? I commend the manga author for the genius use of "Chihaya"/"Chihayafuru" throughout the series in order to imply deeper meanings! Anyway, I do hope you'd have a few minutes to listen to the song--and while you're at it, do watch the anime as well! <3

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, and English Translation by: minacchi

Ima wa, chihayafuru omoi mune ni daite...Collapse )
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Okay, so apparently, I have a bit more time in my hands. 8D I transliterated and translated the second track in the My Home single this time, Baby Moonlight. Anyways, is it just me, or is this song actually really lewd?? Perverted Eito rarrrr If you think it's just my green over-analyzing brain talking, feel free to throw potatoes, haha! But how would you interpret "suhada ni koi no ya wo hanatsu, shaking all for you"?? 8D This reminds me of the Life~Me no Mae no Mukou e~ and Jackhammer combo. What's with pairing the title songs with such... "meaningful" second tracks? 8D

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, and English Translation by: minacchi

Koi na ya wo hanatsu...Collapse )
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21 May 2011 @ 05:58 pm
First of all, belated happy 26th birthday to you, Tadayoshi! (And I so miss your fatsss :|)

And here's another lovely new song from our loooovely Eito. I find the lyrics touching and inspiring and the melody just perfect for my taste. Actually, the lyrics remind me of Ikimonogakari's Kaeritakunatta yo (another pretty song, do listen to it!), though My Home has a rather unique charm that makes it more appealing to me (and this is not just my Eito bias talking, by the way). After just a few rounds of playing the song endlessly in the background, I had already memorized the song; it's so addicting!

Plus, the live band performances in Music Station were <333! (okay, so my eyes were following that hot drummer most of the time XD) And by the way, the fandom collision in the May 13 Music Station episode was epic! So I now want to announce that there's an addition to my already huge fandoms--SNSD! I started being a fan last December 2010, though, so this is kind of a late announcement. Anyways, Eito doing the Mr. Taxi dance moves were epic! Would so love to see them dance Run Devil Run, Gee, and Genie! *evil laugh*

Going back to the topic, I tried to romanize and translate My Home this time. I spent most of my limited free time today just to complete this. Work has made me lose Internet life during weekdays, so I only get to indulge in fangirling during weekends. :| This has been one productive Saturday, though! Enjoy!

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, English Translation, Color-Coding by: minacchi

Saa, kaerou...Collapse )
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12 April 2011 @ 10:56 am
Six months before, I posted an entry wondering "What's next?" in my life. And now I got the answer I have been waiting for--

What's next is that I am finally saying goodbye to bumming around!

...Thoooough I don't think I'd be able to do that. 8D So, ahem, let me rephrase my previous statement: I am finally going to have LESS time to bum around! Because on Monday, I'm going to start working as a Staff Nurse at the Philippine General Hospital. *_*

Our college batch, Oble, and the PGH facade

PGH, being the National University Hospital, was where we did our clinical duties in college, so I wanted to work there after graduating since I know I'd feel at home somehow--yes, despite the toxicity. Working in this hospital would be a great challenge, I know. Maybe after a few weeks/months/years, I would be complaining of being overworked, over-stressed, over-fatigued (and plenty of other "over-"s) from taking care of 15-20 demanding patients within my eight-hour shift or would be ranting about the dangers of flood-prone Taft Ocean Avenue where PGH sinks stands (I really should have been used to the flood after already spending four years in university there). But despite everything, I still think I'd choose to work in this hospital.

So even if it took a long wait, I'm thankful that I got in. I passed the Staff Nurse position requirements seven months ago, last September 2010. I then took the Nursing Proficiency Examination last October 29 along with some of my college batchmates. We finally found out that we passed the exam last December 2. I had my Panel Interview just last March 24 (after four months of waiting!) and had my Final Interview with the Deputy Director of Nursing later that same day (which was a surprise, since I though that we needed to wait a few more weeks/months for the final interview). That same day, I was told that I passed both interviews and that I will need to pass my employment requirements immediately. I submitted the requirements to the HR Department the next day. I was then told to complete the medical examination and submit the medical certificate by March 31... and then it was done! The Orientation would be on April 14 and I'll be reporting on duty on April 18. =) The process may seem too easy when I outline it like this, but it has been a long and challenging journey.

So, to at least enjoy the summer before I start full-time work, I'll be going on a trip to Tagaytay with my college friends tomorrow and on an overnight swimming trip in Laguna with my family on Friday. Hopefully I'd be able to post again next time to update about everything. May free time still be abundant! =D Wish me luck! <3
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