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02 July 2014 @ 07:28 pm
Well, hello there! I'm actually in the middle of working on a bigger translation project *winks at shinobu_kujo Achie-chan =D* but, wow, I actually finished this one first instead of working on that other one. Me the procrastinator, argh *hits self* XD

But this new song was really captivating, and all these cheer-me-up words sang by our Kansai boys *sniffs* really lifted my spirits up, so I wanted every Eighter to be able to know the meaning of this song as well. "Omoidama" is actually the theme song for the Koshien High School Baseball Championship in Japan, and within the song, motivational phrases apparently from submissions of Japanese high school students around Japan were incorporated.

Let me just say this first: I had difficulty translating the title. The katakana オモイダマ (and not kanji) was used so that the listener could freely interpret the meaning of the title. Personally, I wanted to leave the title untranslated as it is, because I could come up with lots of meanings for it for my own satisfaction, but of course I needed to put it into words along the lines of the song, so I translated the word literally as "Ball of Feelings" (omoi = thoughts/feelings/emotions; tama = small ball e.g. baseball), so as to be connected with the baseball theme. On the other hand, "tama" could also mean "spirit/soul". I read somewhere that the title could be derived from the Japanese belief in the "Power of Words" (kotodama; "one's words can influence anything"), believing that the thoughts and feelings of those high school students who contributed have this "power" or influence. Thus, Omoidama = "Power of Feelings". (This sounds better as a title, huh?) Moving on!

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, English Translation, Color-Coding by: minacchi

Omoidama ima sora e kakenobotta...Collapse )
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Needless to say, the PV made me cry. WHY, TACCHON, WHYYY D: Such a beautiful PV and a heartwrenching emotional song from our 7 Kansai Dorks. It amazes me how they can make you laugh with their craziness one minute, make jaws drop with hotness the next, then, as though they want to make you question your own mental/emotional health, they make you cry your eyes out. 8D So now I cannot wait to watch lovely Tada's new movie! (Note to self: Buy new boxes of tissue (!))

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, English Translation, Color-Coding by: minacchi

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After browsing through my LJ after so long, I have now realized that my journal, which was originally for crazy fangirling purposes, has eventually semi-morphed into what now looks like a sporadically-updated Japanese lyrics translation journal. And yes, after seven months of absence, I'm here again with another translation!

Needless to say, I very much loved the first season of Chihayafuru. And now I'm also quite smitten with its second season, Chihayafuru 2. If you, my dear reader, have not watched the anime (or read the manga) yet, I would advise you to do it. either. or better, both. right. now. And though at first I thought that I would not like the new opening song as much as I liked the first one, I have now come to a conclusion that 99RadioService's Star has been continually growing on me lately and that it's just as lovely. <3

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, and English Translation by: minacchi

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31 August 2012 @ 06:33 pm
Oh, for heaven's sake. What a LOVELY song title, Kanjani8. You never fail to amuse me, my dear Seven Stupid Sexy Kansai Men. <3 I truly enjoyed translating this new song. Very fun lyrics and a catchy melody! This song reminds me of how the goofy-ness and daring dorkiness got me in this crazy fandom in the first place (flashback to Zukkoke Otokomichi). And, oh, how I love these covers!

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, English Translation, Color-Coding by: minacchi

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20 August 2012 @ 02:16 pm
After eight months of silence, I'm back again with a song translation!

It's obvious that I'm a Johnny's fangirl, but now my fandom has gotten a little bit bigger. When news of Maeda Atsuko announcing her decision to graduate from AKB48 suddenly broke out last March, I started to take more notice of AKB48, curious about the group. I've known about them since a few years back, but I never really took the time to get to know the girls or to listen to their songs. But because of the hype of their Absolute Ace's graduation, I started trying to listen to AKB48's songs, old and new, and started to love them.

And Acchan has, through that little getting-to-know time, become my oshi--though it's already too late, since she's going to graduate soon. >_< It was a surprising decision from the face of Japan's most popular girl group--I know it's very difficult to throw everything away when you're already on top--but this definitely means that she's willing to risk everything for the sake of pursuing what she really wants. I'm going to miss you, Acchan. ='( Good luck on pursuing your dream!

Here's the translation of her last song and PV as an AKB48 member, Yume no Kawa. =')

Kanji Lyrics, Romaji Lyrics, and English Translation by: minacchi

Yume ga kanattara, mukae ni kuru yo...Collapse )
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music: akb48 ~ yume no kawa